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This page contains information for organisations that are considering applying for a grant from the Aussie Farmers Foundation. Grants are available to eligible organisations working in rural and regional Australia on one or more of the nominated focus areas:

  • Economic wellbeing of farms and farming families
  • Disaster relief for farming communities including drought
  • Kids health and healthy eating including food provenance awareness
  • Food waste and food security
  • Mental health for farming communities.

Grassroots Granting Round

The 2017 Grassroots granting round has now closed and we are no longer accepting Expressions of Interest.

Rural Hero Granting Round

The 2017 Rural Hero granting round is now open! We are currently accepting Expressions of Interest. For all of the grant information and forms click here www.aussiefarmersfoundation.org.au/grants/aussie-farmers-rural-hero-grant/.

The Grant Application Process

Any organisation submitting an application to Aussie Farmers Foundation should follow these steps to ensure their application is successful in being considered:

Step 1:

Read our Eligibility and Exclusions (see document library) to ensure that your organisation and project are eligible to be considered. Note: Organisations must have Deductible Gift Recipient (Item 1 DGR) and TCC (Tax Concession Charity) status.

Step 2:

Refer to our Grant Conditions (see document library) for an understanding of some of the obligations involved when a grant is made and to ascertain whether your project meets these conditions.

Step 3:

Contact  Aussie Farmers Foundation’s Executive Officer to ensure eligibility and for advice on the process.

Step 4:

Read our Granting Guidelines (see document library) for a full explanation of how to apply.

Step 5:

Complete an Expression of Interest form (see document library) and submit to info@aussiefarmersfoundation.org.au

2018 Granting Round

Please refer to this website for any updates to dates, or at the following websites:
Philanthropy Australia’s online database: www.philanthropy.org.au
Our Community’s Easy Grants: www.fundingcentre.com.au
GrantReady www.grantready.com.au

For generic information on the grants process and grant seeking strategies, Aussie Farmers Foundation recommends:

Privacy Policy / Aussie Farmers Direct

Document Library

Expression of Interest


Grant Conditions


Grant Guidelines


Eligibility and Exclusions


DETAILED APPLICATION FORM – For Shortlisted Applicants


Acquittal Report