Aussie Farmers Foundation is providing funding to 3 drought relief programs in Queensland through the ‘Tackling Tough Times Together’ program run by the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR).  With the drought covering 80 per cent of Queensland it is vital that as much support as possible be given to the affected farming communities. The programs funded include:

  • A creative education camp for remote Queensland students and their families, developing student skills and socialisation opportunities whilst giving parents both a break and peer support, supporting strengthened and more resilient community ties during times of drought.
  • A community dinner with entertainment, improving social cohesion and community connectedness in Muttaburra (1,224 kms NW of Brisbane).  11 community groups will come together to provide a free meal to approximately 150 residents, whilst providing an evening of entertainment.
  • Fitting out a new “Women’s Shed” in Charters Towers (1,370 kms NW of Brisbane), enabling women in the community to learn basic skills and improve social wellbeing. The drought-stricken community is currently experiencing an increase of domestic violence cases amongst local women.  The group wishes to empower these women, those who have lost partners and other women in the community through holding workshops at the women’s shed.  The informal workshops would deliver basic life skills such as dealing with tradesmen, using power tools, self-advocacy and dealing with council issues, from skilled local women. Cooking classes will also be provided.

Aussie Farmers Foundation has provided $13,335 to support these programs. The funding was provided in collaboration with Aussie Farmers Direct who donated $1 for event Family & Couples Fruit & Veg box purchased over a two week period. “In many areas, farmers have been dealing with the devastating financial impact of the drought for over a decade. At Aussie Farmers Direct, we have been passionate supporters of Australian farmers and growers since we first started the company ten years ago, and we want to do our part to help them access the resources they and their communities need to get through this difficult period,” said Mr Louie.
The ‘Tackling Tough Times Together’ program provides grants to drought-affected communities, enabling them to access the resources they need to support one another through the current drought crisis.

April 2016