Aussie Farmers Foundation is pleased to announce that we have become a Founding Partner of the Disaster Resilience and Recovery Fund.

This ground-breaking initiative, administered by the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR), is dedicated to providing relevant, accessible, and flexible support to rural and regional communities, including farming communities, to help them build resilience towards, and recover from, droughts, floods, fires, and other natural disasters.

The Disaster Resilience & Recovery Fund means every donation can have a long-term impact for communities. We encourage you to consider supporting this necessary and timely Fund.

We will subsequently be closing the Aussie Farmers Foundation, however we are confident that our legacy of supporting Australian farming communities will live on through this new Fund.

Donate to the Disaster Resilience and Recovery Fund here:

More information about the role of Aussie Farmers Foundation in establishing the Disaster Resilience and Recovery Fund here