Aussie Farmers Foundation was proud to be a partner of the Archibull prize and Young Farming Champions in 2017, as part of the innovative Art4Agriculture program.

The Archibulls see urban and rural schools research an agricultural industry and showcase their findings through artwork – specifically a fibreglass cow!

We loved celebrating with the finalists and winners at the 2017 Archibulls which were hosted by the fabulous Costa Georgiadis from the ABC’s Gardening Australia program.

To see all of the entrants and read more about the Archibulls, click here

Archibull Prize

An innovative and fun in-school program, the Archibull Prize traverses the boundaries of communication between rural providers and city consumers. Put simply, the program is an agricultural and environmental themed art competition for primary and secondary student groups.

But the Archibull’s aims are much greater than this. The Archibull Prize brings the farm into the classroom by:
• providing students with opportunities to meet young farmers and to gain knowledge and skills about the production of the food they eat, fibres they use and the environment they live in;
• creating an opportunity for students to work together to create an amazing artwork that tells the story of farming as they understand it;
• building relationships between schools, industry, business and the community as they progress through the Archibull Prize’s different elements;
• raising awareness of exciting career pathways;
• promoting change and fosters two-way conversations; and
• building lifelong relationships between consumers and their farmers.

Specifically, the students do the following:
1. Use a blank life-size fibreglass Cow (Archie) to create an artwork about an allocated farming industry, the farmers who produce the food or fibre, and how this commodity is being produced sustainably.
2. Produce a blog documenting the journey of the artwork and student learnings.
3. Create a multimedia animation or infographic around the farming industry they are investigating that has a powerful message and call to action.

Young Farming Champions

The Young Farming Champions (YFCs) understand the challenges farmers face, and know that becoming a farmer is no longer a birth right but a conscious choice by rural entrepreneurs. They are agriculture’s freshest advocates, who believe in being proactive in finding solutions.

Art4Agriculture’s YFCs represent specific primary industries – Cotton, Wool, Cattle and Sheep, Dairy and Grain – and they are paired with students participating in The Archibull Prize.

These passionate and enthusiastic young farmers are the real life link between farm and classroom. They love what they do and they can’t wait to start conversations with consumers.