Aussie Farmers Foundation was extremely sad to hear the news about the closure of Aussie Farmers Direct.

We want to reassure our supporters that Aussie Farmers Foundation is continuing to operate in its capacity as a non-profit charity supporting Australian farming communities.

Whilst Aussie Farmers Direct was a key supporter in the establishment of Aussie Farmers Foundation, the Foundation is a separate legal entity.

The Aussie Farmers Foundation is proud to have worked with Aussie Farmers Direct. We want to extend our thanks to the customers, staff and suppliers who have supported the Foundation since 2010. You have made an incredible difference to hundreds of farming communities doing it tough.


Current Position
Aussie Farmers Foundation is a registered non-profit organisation that helps rural and regional communities in Australia facing challenging times.

As a Public Ancillary Fund we support these communities via our granting programs, funded by donations to the Foundation.

Our granting programs operate on a calendar year but the grants paid are reported on a financial year basis, which means calendar year grants may be paid over multiple financial years due to reporting and activity timing differences.

In the 2017 calendar year, the Foundation confirmed almost $200,000 in grants across our four granting programs. Of that amount, the Foundation has already given over $160,000 in grant funding with the remainder to be paid out this year.

Our 2017  grantees are:

  • Foodbank Australia: to support our joint Meals for Mates program
  • Art4Agriculture: Archibull prize and Young Farming Champions program
  • Reading out of Poverty: Pop Up Libraries
  • Life Education NSW: Delivering Effective and Affordable Preventative Health Education Children in Remote Areas (Heathy Harold)
  • Rural Business Support: Farm Management for Transition workshop
  • Barrier Breakers Inc: Mental Health First Aid training
  • Rural & Remote Mental Health: Rural Minds and safeTALK workshops
  • Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR): Repair Restore Renew grant program (for communities impacted by Cyclone Debbie)

Donations made to the Foundation and current funds continue to be managed directly by the Foundation as per normal process.

Grant Highlights
In the past two years, some of the projects funded by Foundation grants include:
• Meals for Mates program with our core partner Foodbank to deliver 1 million meals to rural and regional Australians facing food insecurity.
• Grassroots grant projects are running across Australia in 2017 and 2018 including Barrier Breakers Mental Health First Aid training in Gippsland, Rural Minds mental health workships in WA, and Farm Management workshops in SA’s south east and Eyre Peninsula.
• The $50,000 Rural Hero grant was awarded in 2017 to Reading out of Poverty to operate Pop Up Libraries in small Victorian communities without access to library services and in 2016 to Royal Far West’s Healthy Kids Bus Stop delivering vital health checks to pre-primary school age children in NSW.
• Supported future leaders in agriculture and the promotion of Australian agriculture in primary and secondary schools via our core partner Art4Agriculture’s ‘Archibull’ prize and Young Farming Champions programs.
• Distributed over 2,600 Christmas meal boxes to people who might have otherwise missed out across Australia via our partnership with Foodbank and Aussie Farmers Direct.